Monstein is located at 1,650 meters above the sea level in the region of Davos in the north of the Canton Graubünden. Nowadays the population in this typical Walser village, which is located on a sunny plateau, takes about 200 people .

The overall appearance of the townscape of Monstein has retained in its original character over the years : Many of the mostly wooden built houses are still coverd with traditionally larch shingles. Furthermore owes the pretty village of its appeal to many cottage gardens and the 10 village fountains and two churches : While the 17th century oldchurch in the center of the village is no longer the house of God , but primarily used as a place of events. The Sunday services are being held in the 100 -year-old " new " church, which forecourt offers a fantastic view over the mountains .

Monstein belongs politically to Davos. However, the small fraction has autonomy : Monstein not only has its own local council and its own communal assembly , but the fraction also has its own assets . Monstein also operates its own fire department and is responsible for the local water supply. Among the buildings of the village Monstein also include a cold storage house called " Gfrieri , a cemetery and 500 hectares of forest and the local primary school .

Monstein is a very attractive holiday and getaway destination throughout the whole year. During the winter the guests primarily use the many winter sport facilities of the ski and health resort Davos, in the summer months the surrounding mountains invite the guests for long hikes into the world of Monstein. There is a very charming way to Silberberg, where the studs/Stollen? can be visited. Moreover, the mining museum in Schmelzboden informes you quite good about the history of the silver mine.

On request you also have the opportunity to attend the highest brewery of Switzerland. The in Monstein produced beer can be enjoyed in both of the local restaurants with the traditional specialties of Graubünden .