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Fresh and local products for your wellbeing!

We at Ducan value fresh and local products. We buy whole pigs from the farmer Joos Kühnis and bee from the organic farmer René Ambühl, both from Monstein. The remaining meat is exclusively from Swiss production, unless otherwise noted. Eggs and all dairy products are also obtained directly from the farmers or from the dairy Davos. Vegetables and fruits are delivered 3 times a week fresh from the local vegetable merchant Adank in Davos. Very gladly, we also take consideration of allergy sufferers and offer gluten or lactose free products. Please ask our service staff for detailed information.

Here you can definitely treat yourself to some fine food. We are ready to serv you the regional specialities or tasty beer-made meals prepared with beer from the brewery opposite, and an attractive selection of hot and cold dishes. Besides a wide selection of regional and international wines the beer lover finds its taste as well, all sort of beers are available in our restaurant.

A small playroom and a playground with enough space for children ensures that you will feel as a family in our restaurant very well.

Special requests are no problem for us, we are ready to fulfil any kind of wishes.

Since our government is  not able to give the restaurateurs prospects, we do not yet know exactly when we will be able to run our restaurant publicly again. However, we assume that we will be able to welcome you again in summer. Please find out about our planned opening times for the coming summer!

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